How we run the club

The club rules

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Rampton Fishing Club

How we run the fishing club


1) Rampton Fishing Club is a fishing club with all proceeds re-invested into the improvements of the fishing club and local environment.

2) Purpose of Rampton Fishing Club

3) The purpose of Rampton Fishing Club is to offer a variety of angling environments to the general public for leisure fishing purposes, maintain and improve the local environment.

4) To promote the sport of angling, protecting fish stocks and preserving the environment. and encourage the best practise in terms of fish welfare and the protection and conservation of the angling environment and its ecology.

5) To maintain a commitment to the fair and equal treatment of all anglers irrespective of ethnic,origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or social status.

6) To continuously develop and improve and expand the club waters

7) The following persons are eligible to apply for membership: ALL

8) Membership of Rampton fishing club shall be open to any person, having completed a membership application form and paid the relevant subscription as determined .

9) In applying for membership, a person shall be deemed to be accepting the rules of Rampton fishing club, all relevant national legislation and any local byelaws and covid rules

10) No person barred from Rampton fishing club waters may apply for membership until such a bar has expired or been lifted.

11) The following classes of membership shall be available:

A) Full Member (Senior) 65 or older at date of application £30

B) Full Member (Adult) 18 to 64 at date of application       £40

C) Full Member (Junior) Under 18 at date of application   £15

12) Membership of Rampton fishing club shall be on an annual basis with Rampton fishing club year commencing on 1st April. Rampton fishing club financial year ends 31st March.

13) Membership numbers shall be set by Rampton Fishing Club and will be available on a first come, first served basis each year. Full Membership will remain open but might be subject to a cap on numbers.

14) Full details of membership procedures and current prices shall be displayed on Rampton fishing club website

15) Officers are

Treasurer: Stacey Heathershaw.

Treasurer: Dale Dudhill

Head bailiff Mark Taylor

Water bailiff - Dale Dudhill - Stacey Heathershaw - Mark Taylor - John Moody - Chris Warner - Alex Sneesby - Paul Munroe - fuzz Farrow

16) Election of Officers. Bailiffs shall be elected  by the bailiffs

17) following Officers shall be authorised to sign Rampton fishing club cheques.

i) Stacey Heathershaw

ii) Dale Dudhill

18) Members whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by any of the Rules or Bylaws may be expelled or suspended.