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 Questions and answers Welcome to Rampton fishing club.Tidal river trent fishing.The club waters were previously run by the 2100 Club of Cottam Power Station, but now the waters have no affiliation whatsoever to the Power Station so please direct all enquiries to Rampton Fishing Club.

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Question And Answers Page Rampton fishing club


WhyRampton fishing club Common Questions and Answers


1 When can i join

Rampton Fishing Club Membership Season Starts on the 1st Aprill  and runs for one full year. The joining form opens 16 march.


2 How can I join Rampton Fishing Club & its waters

Simply add yourself to the waiting list or fill the joining form in. (If its open) and wait to be contacted with our payment information.  Last years members are on the list already and will get an invite email.We will send you your annual permit number after payment has cleared in the bank by email then you can fish.Hard permits can take upto a month..But once you know your permit number and payed go fishing{MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR PERMIT NUMBER WHEN FISHING OR YOU MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE}


3 When do I renew my Membership


4 Membership renewals must be complete after the 16th march, Please don't leave your membership renewal until the last second. We don't allow any membership renewals after the 30th april. If you don't get your renewal in by the 30th april your place will go to someone on the waiting list .


5 Where is my Car Permit

Please put your permit in your car window if you dont want to be asked for it.


6 Im on the Waiting List, how long will it take me to get in

We wont know how many places are available until after the 30th april each year. We urge anyone who would like to join the Rampton fishing Club to get themselves on the Waiting List ASAP. We do have an average drop out rate. The club is still growing and membership numbers are increasing every year when we take on new waters. We do also take into account venue usage when calculating the membership limit each year.


7 Can Members take guests on club Waters

Members only fishing. Guests can walk around the waters sticking to public footpaths.At no liability to the club


8 Do I have to help with Work Parties

No,But we do need help and have work parties


9 Where can i Fish on a Day Ticket

No day tickets sorry


10 Can i get a key for the locked gate

No sorry. At this moment in time the gates are locked to keep 4x4 bank wreckers out and keep the cows in.Anybody found with a key will get an instant BAN


11 Is it Muddy

Yes. when we have had rain the river bank is muddy and sometimes flooded and the long lane from rampton village holds water. Drive with care and park on the hard standing and walk if you think you might get stuck walk..We are not a recovery service but you can try the number on the club information page.£50 Call out fee


12 What fish are in the lake

Carp Pike and a few perch .No small fish. 10lb or above line only   { NEW STOCKING SOON IN 2021 }


13 Can i night fish

Yes if the covid restriction have finished night fishing is welcome. No fire or Mess and no longer than one week on the same peg please if its busy.


14 Any disability access

No sorry. The fishing is on the tidal river trent bank side with no platforms. And the tidal trent is fast flowing.


15 Why Has the price gone up

We re invest all the money into Rampton Fishing Club.We need more stone on the banks .we need to make more pegs.Also need to restock the ponds and expand our waters.